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The POS features you want on an iPad interface
you love.

A complete retail management system that empowers your business to increase revenue, control costs, improve productivity and drive profitability.

  • Easy to install and operate.

  • 24/7 technical support, both online and on-site, software updates, and lifetime hardware warranty. 

  • Truly internet-independent.

  • Remote access to your POS system: view reports online, make menu changes, and manage your employees from anywhere.

  • Online ordering and contactless pay. 

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Simple and easy to use

Feature-Rich & Affordable

Fast and Simple Checkout

World-Class Customer Support

Customizable Menu

Design for IOS

  • POS system designed for IOS devices that is perfectly suited for taking orders tableside and pay-at-the-table convenience.

  • Designed to allow you to configure the user interface to help employees work quickly and accurately.

Grow Revenue and Increase Profitability

  • Identify your most profitable menu items, specials, and happy hour promotions. 

  • Create attractive marketing promotions to drive traffic and incentivize repeat business by offering loyalty rewards. ogress and financial reports. 


Cloud based system that is not dependent on the cloud.

Each station operates as it's own server, storing data, allowing it to function peer-to-peer. 

If internet goes down, the stations not only continue working, they still will communicate within each other, offline.

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