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Innovative Payment Processing Solutions.

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  • Customizable payment solutions.

  • Easy to implement Cash Discount program.

  • Latest payment security features. Risk reporting and fraud prevention.

  • Next day funding.

  • 24/7 English and Spanish support.

The only cash discount program to be patented and legally vetted at the state and federal level.


Legally Vetted

Fast Setup

Simple Pricing

Fully Mobile

Accepts All Payments


Eliminate Up To 90% Of Your Cost

By offering your customers a cash discount, our technology will automatically add a service fee as a separate line item on the receipt when customers pay with their card instead of cash.

PayLo is the only legally compliant and patented automatic cash discount software available in the country for all credit card types, including mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Even better, this fully mobile payment technology is compatible with wireless terminals as well as POS systems.


No PIN Pad is required and an EMV chip card terminal is included.

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